10 How to Care for Oily Face Skin Naturally

How to Care for Oily Face Skin Naturally. There are 5 types of facial skin in humans are normal skin types, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive. Everyone certainly has different skin types. Many people who want the normal facial skin to avoid skin problems, but this indeed cannot happen instantly. Every kind of skin would require different treatments.

One type of skin that is usually experiencing problems and complained is the type of oily skin. Actually what causes the skin to become oily? One of which is because sebaceous glands produce excess oil and also there are other supporting factors. Oily skin is usually more natural to trouble, one of which is easy acne. Then, how to treat oily face naturally? Why should it be natural? Because with natural treatments would be safer to avoid chemical products, efficient and reliable.

Regularly Cleaning Oily Face

How to care for oily face naturally can be done by cleaning the face regularly. This is a famous routine that does not need to be abandoned. Because every day you do the activity, especially if the activities outdoors. You certainly have to regularly clean the face. Actually, that should be cleaned not only the face but also the whole body. Especially for your face should not miss it. Cleansing the face can remove dirt, pollution, and all kinds of your activity so that the face becomes fresher. Minimal clean face 3 times a day. Occasionally be pampered by using warm water while cleaning it to smooth blood circulation in the face area.

Using Natural Mask for Oily Faces

In addition to regular cleaning of the face, how to care for oily face naturally can be done by applying a natural mask. This way is to utilize the plants that are around. Natural ingredients can be fruits, vegetables, even kitchen materials can also be used as a natural treatment. Here are the natural ingredients.

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the natural ingredients that are often used as the primary ingredients of makeup. Cucumber is cooling, so the use of cucumber can naturally serve as a natural refresher or astringent. This cucumber is rich in minerals and vitamins and can control the excess oil in the face. How to apply it on the face is to cut into 2 or several parts, then rub - rubbing into the face. Other ways there are also blend, then apply on the face, can also be added with a drop of honey. After drying is approximately 20 minutes, rinse face cleanly. Not only as a freshener skin, but cucumber can also be placed in the eye when you use a mask. This will add fresh eyes and more relax.

2. Tomatoes

Other natural ingredients that can be used as a way to treat oily face naturally is a tomato. Tomatoes also serve to refresh, control the excess oil on the face, remove black spots and smooth the face. How to apply it is the same as using a cucumber, i.e., by rubbing or by blend first. After that, apply on the face that has been cleaned, let stand a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

3. Bananas

In addition to the two natural ingredients mentioned above, other natural ingredients are bananas. So you can use bananas not just to eat, but can also be a natural mask. The trick is to smooth the banana first, then apply on the face. Let stand for approximately 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. The use of the banana mask is used to smooth the skin and control the oil.

4. Lime

This sour fruit or lime is also essential to the skin if used correctly. By using lime, the face is not only controlled oil but also can become brighter. In the use of lime, you should be more careful if there is part of the skin that is injured because it can cause pain. Apply to the face by rubbing, let stand until dry, then wash the face cleanly.

5. Celery

Celery leaves are usually mixed in this food evidently also works for beauty. How to apply celery on the face is to boil it first. Once it is enough, the warm water of the nails can be rubbed on the face with a cotton swab. In addition to this way, the other way is to blend first, then immediately used as a face mask. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. By using this celery mask, the oily skin of the face slowly can be adequately controlled.

6. Egg white

How to care for oily face naturally can also use egg whites. You can mix it with honey or lime. Apply to face evenly, let stand and wait a few minutes. After dry rinse face clean. You can do this in 2 weeks.

7. Yoghurt

This is the main yogurt benefit for the face, which fermented milk can help you overcome the problem of excess oil on the skin. Yoghurt in addition to safe to use for oily skin is also quite useful. The content of lactic acid in yogurt helps absorb excess oil from the skin. How to care for the oily face with yogurt: First, take a tablespoon of organic yogurt without sweeteners. Apply evenly to your skin. Then let stand for about 15 minutes. Finally, wipe your face with cold water.

8. Aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera for the beauty of facial skin is no doubt. In addition to moisturizing and reduce the use of acne on the face, aloe vera is also powerful enough to overcome excess oil. How to use: First cut the aloe vera and grab the gel. Soften the gel then apply on the skin evenly, leave for 20 minutes after that rinse with water.

9. Honey

Who is not familiar with the benefits of honey for facial beauty? Honey has long been used by some ancient people as their beauty care ingredient. Honey is beneficial to rejuvenate the skin, help to overcome acne, moisturize the skin naturally, and reduce the oil on the face. How to do the treatment for oily skin with honey: You can apply honey directly to the skin evenly, wait at least 20 to 30 minutes. Just wipe your face with water.

10. Salt

The benefits of salt for the face may not be well known to the public because salt is generally used as a spice kitchen. But even so, it turns out enough potent salt is used as a natural ingredient to treat oily face. How to care for the oily face with salt: Take a spray bottle that has been cleaned then fill with warm water. Add 1 tsp salt and stir until evenly distributed. Close your eyes and spray liquid onto the facial skin. Do this treatment at least twice a week to help overcome oily face.

Those are some natural masks for oily faces. In addition to using natural materials above, you should also maintain a good lifestyle, such as avoiding stress, adequate rest and reduce fatty foods. Eating fatty foods can stimulate the production of oil, resulting in the more greasy facial skin. Instead, you can eat fruits and vegetables.

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