10 Home Remedies for Get Rid Peeling Skin

Home Remedies for Get Rid Peeling Skin. Facial skin peeling can happen a variety of substances that can damage and irritate the skin. Exfoliation of the skin itself will usually be accompanied by itching, skin drying, rash, and irritation. The benefits of facial skin peeling can also be due to dry skin. This dry skin problem is actually a common problem that can be solved by anyone. Dry peeling skin usually feels rough and scaly. This will undoubtedly be very annoying, in addition to making us uncomfortable, but also can damage the appearance.

Causes Skin Face Exfoliates

Before we go on the discussion how to deal with facial skin peeling, several factors cause skin peeling we need to know first:

1. Dry Skin

For those of you who have a dry skin type, with a high risk of exfoliation will be higher, especially if it is often in contact with air, a cream made from chemicals, soap, extreme weather, hot air, until sun exposure. Having your own dry skin is automatically harmless, but some are experiencing severe problems, such as Ikiosis. The ichthyosis is a genetic or inherited skin disorder.

2. Burning Sun Exposure

Often exposed to sunlight can also make the skin peel off. Before flying the exfoliation, the phase will feel hot, sick and flushed. This happens for several hours after exposure to sun exposure. After a few days, the skin layer will peel, damaged then the skin will return by itself. Meanwhile, the exfoliation can make the skin color uneven and looks patterned.

3. Allergies

When facial skin is contaminated with allergens or substances that trigger allergies, usually the skin will peel. Not only exfoliation, but the reaction may cause rash, blister or itching.

4. Effects of Drug Use

Some types of medicines, such as retinoid creams can make the skin peel. The retinoid cream is commonly used to treat acne, brighten black spots on the face and reduce wrinkles. Besides, the cream works by pushing the tissue of dead skin cells and also regenerate. In effect, the skin on the top layer of the face was peeling to open the path of growth of new skin cells.

How To Overcome Skin Face That Exfoliates Naturally

Here are some ways to deal with facial skin peeling naturally:

1. Honey

Honey indeed offers many benefits, both for health and for beauty. One of the benefits of honey for beauty is to overcome exfoliation on facial skin. To overcome the peeling of the skin with honey, how to wash face first then apply and then massage with evenly distributed honey to the entire surface of the facial skin. Then leave until some time until the honey sinks in, then rinse with water until clean. When you do facial skin care with honey on a regular basis, in addition to peeling skin can be overcome, your skin also becomes tighter and soft naturally.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil itself has long been used by women for beauty treatments. This is because olive oil has a fatty acid content so it can be used as a natural moisturizer to make the skin more healthy and soft naturally. Besides, vitamin E contained in olive oil can counteract the exposure of free radicals as a factor causing the aging. How to deal with facial skin peeling with olive oil is enough to apply an olive oil mask, which is involved olive oil evenly to the entire surface of the facial skin.

3. Aloe Vera

Besides beneficial for hair care, aloe vera is also used to make the skin softer and overcome the occurrence of peeling on the skin. The reason, this aloe vera is treating as well as a moisturizer for dry skin and reduce itching, irritation to inflammation. You can mix aloe vera with capsule contents of vitamin E, then ollkan to the entire surface of the face evenly and let stand until dry, then wash using warm water until clean. For maximum results, you can use this method every day on a regular basis.

4. Cucumber

How to deal with facial skin next peel is to utilize cucumber. Cucumbers contain a lot of water, so can overcome the dehydration of the skin and reduce itching in the skin. Not only that, but cucumbers can also keep skin moist and soft naturally. Vitamin C contained in cucumber can also reduce the adverse effects of sun exposure and improve the condition of the facial skin. To overcome the peeling skin, blender or grate the cucumber until soft and then apply evenly to the entire surface of the skin and leave it up to several minutes. Then rinse with water until clean.

5. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a natural ingredient that can help to nourish your skin including overcoming exfoliation on the skin. Yogurt contains a useful lactic acid that locks the skin's natural moisture. Make sure you choose plain yogurt where you have not get any sweetener or other ingredients.

6. Tomatoes

The next natural ingredients that can be used to treat facial skin peeling are tomatoes. Tomato is a complete package that you can use as your skin care ingredients. Inside the tomato contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and vitamin A. Where all these nutrients are perfect for your skin health. Vitamin C is used to lighten the skin naturally while helping the skin to produce collagen. While antioxidants can protect the skin from the adverse effects of free radicals that can cause aging.

7. Grapes

Grapes provide many benefits for your skin health is no exception to care for peeling skin. This fruit is abundant in the content of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) that help get rid of dead skin cells from your facial skin. When used as a wine face mask is used as a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from sunburn that can exacerbate the exfoliation on your facial skin.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very safe natural ingredient used for your facial skin. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are proven to work in moisturizing the skin naturally. Not only that, but the high antioxidant content of coconut oil is also used to treat irritation and itching of the skin that leads to exfoliation.

9. Use a moisturizer

If you do not want to have skin peeling problems, you should use a moisturizer to your skin, because dry skin can trigger the exfoliation. Be sure to choose a moisturizer that is safe for you to apply to your facial skin.

10. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water is one of the keys to your overall health, except your skin of course. Sufficient water needs can help you hydrate your skin from the inside. This, in turn, will make your skin more moist natural thus reducing the risk of skin peeling.

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