10 Health Benefits of Seahorse Including Treatment Cancer

Health Benefits of Seahorse Including Treatment Cancer. Seahorses, physically are not like fish, but in fact, these marine animals are classified into fish species of the genus Hippocampus and the family Syngnathidae. By living in tropical and middle waters around the world, this animal is the only pregnant species that is the male.

At mating, the female seahorse will channel its eggs to the male's special sac for 5 to 10 seconds. At the same time, the male will spray hundreds of sperm into the water then swim to find the egg. Until now, researchers have not seen the way sperm find eggs so quickly.

Animals also called seahorse has a size that varies between 16 mm to 35 cm. Who would have thought, with its small size, it has been known as a stamina generator since the first. Traditional Chinese doctors will pound a dry seahorse into a powder and then brewed with warm water or put into capsules.

Do you know? That the people of Sabah, Malaysia at least use 10 species of seahorses to be used as the primary ingredients of drugs. What a magnificent small animal it is. Curious about the other benefits? Let's listen.

1. Fetal Formation

Previous studies have reported that seahorses have a high content of proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. High protein content has many benefits if consumed, especially for pregnant women. Protein in these marine animals will be useful to help the growth of organs such as brain, bone, muscle, until the respiratory system.

Although the protein content is beneficial for pregnant women, it should still be within reasonable limits. Protein requirement of a pregnant mother is about 75 gram per day. Noteworthy, this protein requirement is not only from seahorses, but it can also be from other food sources.

2. Hair Health and Anti-fague

The benefits of high protein content in marine animals this one is not only for the development of the fetus. Most pregnant women have problems associated with hair and tired muscles. Therefore, seahorse comes with its benefits as a substance that can improve hair cells and muscle mass, or better known as Anti-Fague (anti tired).

3. Restoring Power

When the body needs large amounts of protein while the body can not produce it by itself, consuming a seahorse is good enough for you. Protein intake will make the body has plenty of energy to support various daily activities. Want to try?

4. Prevent Depression and Insomnia

Are you an insomniac? Causes of insomnia, known as difficulty sleeping, among others, because of stress and depression. When going to bed, the shadow of the problem encountered so sleep disturbed. Well, the protein contained sea horse is indeed magical. Insomnia can be overcome for you who feel must end your bad habits.

5. Heal Gangrene

For those of you who have a history of diabetes, perhaps familiar with the term gangrene. For you who do not know, gangrene is a severe condition that arises when many body tissues have necrosis or death. This happens after a person has a sore, infection, or chronic health problem that affects the blood circulation. Sea horse is one solution.

6. Alzheimer's antidote

A researcher and his team have conducted in vivo testing followed by preclinical testing. He said that has found a compound that potentially as an antidote to Alzheimer's. However, to be called a drug, the active compound must pass through several stages of re-examination.

7. The Formation of Red Blood Cells

Sea horse extract contains iron (Fe), taurine, and high progesterone. Therefore, the sea horse acts as a supply of Fe which is one of the main components of blood. Fe can help the process of formation of red blood cells. Well, in other words, sea horses can also be consumed for you who have low Hb.

8. Alternative Treatment of Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is one type of bone cancer that attacks children and adolescents. Yun Ju Yang and his team have reported his research in a journal entitled 'An Anti-inflammatory Peptide Isolated from Seahorse Hippocampus horse bleeder Inhibits the Invasive Potential of MG-63 Osteosarcoma Cells'. The results say that the peptide content in seahorses can inhibit the spread of bone cancer cells. Well, great yaa!

9. Sea Horses as Alternative Treatment of Breast Cancer

Doxorubicin is a broad-spectrum chemotherapy agent. However, its use is limited due to the toxic effects on healthy tissues (especially the heart and immune system). Seahorses contain steroids, saponins, and glycosides that have cytotoxic effects. Therefore, this animal is believed to be an alternative treatment for breast cancer.

10. Anti-bacteria

Rosita Shapawi and the team have reported their research in the International Journal of Natural Products Research that ethyl acetate seahorse extract exhibits a relatively good inhibitory zone against gram-negative bacteria. In other words, these animals can be developed as anti-bacterial.

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