10 Health Benefits Of Lobster And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits Of Lobster And Nutrition Facts. Lobster is a sea animal that has a hard skin like a shell. He is often referred to as a giant shrimp but in our opinion more similar to the giant scorpion. All species must go through a process of molting or shifting of the skin, in this phase, some species will change their skin color. Do you know how many feet these invertebrates are?

It turns out Lobster has 10 feet. Where 3 pairs of front legs more massive than the rear legs. On his head were an antenna and a couple of large claws that seemed to be actually legs as well. He has a convex eyeball. The antenna in the head also functioned as a sensor that helps vision.

Benefits Lobster for health was a lot. This animal has a zero carbohydrate content with calories as much as 89 kcal. So it is suitable for you who are dieting. Eating Lobsters is safer for cholesterol sufferers than eating chicken. For more details about the benefits information for health, please refer to the explanation below:

1. Weigh loss

Did you know that carbohydrates turn out to be a source of food that can be fitted?ing. So when we do not eat carbohydrates, weight loss will shrink. Diet rice, by eating apples and lobsters can be an alternative for you who want to manage the body.

2. Contains Pretty Protein

Protein in Lobster also reached 19 grams per 100 gr. This is enough to increase protein levels in the body so you will have a large muscle and strong.

3. Tiamin content of 2%

Thiamine is a substance that we know as vitamin B1, has a function to repair a damaged immune system. Doctors often prescribe this vitamin B1 for patients who are having problems with the immune system. Benefits Lobster becomes a natural source of vitamin B1.

4. Benefits Riboflavin or B2

Vitamin B2 is a vitamin known as Riboflavin, its function is very important in energy metabolism. With this vitamin, vitamins and minerals contained in the food will be digested well into the body's energy.

5. The content of Niacin to Lower High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure can be a deadly disease. Benefits of Lobster as a source of Niacin which can lower high blood pressure to the normal limit again. This substance is also known as vitamin B3.

6. Levels of Vitamin B5 to Strengthen Hair Roots

If you want to have sturdy hair is not easily broken and fall out. Then you should eat lots of foods that contain vitamin B5. Benefits Lobster is a source of vitamin B5. Another name for this vitamin is Pantothenic Acid.

7. Lowering Homocystein Levels

Homocysteine is a compound that is considered a danger to heart health. Benefits Lobster can lower levels of this compound because it contains Pyridoxine better known as vitamin B6. Hopefully, you will have a healthier heart, so the life expectancy numbers are rising.

8. Benefits of Folic Acid in Lobsters

Popular Folic Acid is called vitamin B9. The benefit is to help the process of cell formation to be smooth and perfect. Benefits Lobsters are rich in Folate is believed to stimulate the growth of the fetus so as not to defect any deficiency.

9. Iron Ingredients to Blood Circulation

Blood is vital to channel energy throughout the body. Function of iron to bind that energy. Iron deficiency can interfere with blood circulation. So you have to deal with it immediately with Lobster. Lobster efficacy can indeed increase the level of iron in your blood as much as 0.3 mg or about 2% / 100gramnya.

10. Contains Potassium to Enable Hormones and Enzymes

Potassium works in activating hormones and enzymes in the body. Benefits Lobster as a source of potassium certainly makes your body so healthy. Potassium in the lobster pretty much reaches 230 mg / 100 grams.

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