10 Health Benefits Of Cork Fish And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits Of Cork Fish And Nutrition Facts. Fish Cork is a type of freshwater fish that can be found in rivers, swamps, lakes, even rice fields. Fish habitat is indeed natural to find, so it is very popular among the people. In the area of Banyumas, Central Java, this fish is dubbed as Bogo fish, because of its large alias bogem. It is said Cork can grow up to 1 meter long.

Because of its large growth compared to other fish species, Corkfish is often caught and traded on the market. The meat of this fish is thick, and when fried it tastes delicious.

And if you look at the benefits and properties, Cork Fish has a lot of nutritional and nutritional content is good for health. In every 100 grams of Cork meat, it contains 69 calories. The fat is only 1.7 grams. And the calcium reaches 62 grams. Also, the protein content is also very high, namely: 25.5%. This protein level beats the fish Kakap is only 20%. Really this fish is beneficial and efficacious, loss if not eat it. Here is an explanation of the benefits and benefits of fish Cork for health:

1. Increase Albumin levels in the Blood

The most important benefit of Cork fish is to increase Albumin levels in the blood. Albumin is a protein contained in plasma tissue. Its function is to bind the water content in the blood so as not to leak. Disease due to lack of Albumin for example swollen feet. With a lot of eating Cork meat, undoubtedly swollen feet can heal.

2. Accelerate the Formation of New Cells So Quickly Wound Healed

Slow wound healing is usually because one's skin tissue is too moist or low in platelets. Albumin protein contained in this fish can accelerate the growth of new cells, so the wound was healed.

3. Adding Energy Supply, So the Body Does Not Lack

The properties of the Cork Fish also appear to function to increase the energy supply in the body. This fish high-calorie content. Eating a kilogram alone is equivalent to 2 plates of rice or about 690 KkaL. Of course, bogo aka cork fish can make the body not weak again.

4. Enlarge Muscles

Many people want to have big and strong muscles. Body Building is always done by way of sports. To enlarge the muscle in a series of events Body Building would need a good supply of nutrients. Well, you can try myriad benefits of Cork Fish. Try eating these fish, because the protein is low in fat. So that muscle is formed perfect, strong, not slack.

5. Increase Weight

The only way to fatten the body is to eat a lot. Many animal protein meals are very good to increase weight. The combination of carbohydrates and proteins can trigger cell growth. But beware of fat aka lousy cholesterol. Well, Cork fish has efficacy to increase weight without excess fat.

6. Encouraging Maximum Bone and Teeth Growth

Calcium and Phosphorus are two minerals that the human body needs so much to achieve maximum bone and tooth growth. The Cork fish contains a lot of calcium (60 mg / 100 gram) and phosphorus (70 mg / 100 gram). Therefore, Gabus meat is suitable to be eaten by toddlers and elderly, so that their growth and bone density is maintained.

7. Improve Immune or Body Resistance

Immune or endurance of a person can be achieved when he noticed the diet and supply of nutrients in the body. One of the vitamins that are very useful for immune is Vitamin B1. It turns out vitamin B1 is also contained in the benefits of Cork Fish.

8. Maintain Eye Health

If you want the eyes to be healthy, a lot of vitamins A consumption. It turns out Cork fish are also used to supply vitamin A to the body. In 100 grams of cork fish meat, there is 150 mg of Vitamin A., Of course, this is very nutritious for maintaining eye health.

9. Be a Good Calorie Source Of Diabetes Mellitus

People with diabetes mellitus often confused what to eat to meet the daily caloric needs. Eating rice alone should not be because it can increase blood sugar levels. The disease is dubbed sugar is indeed quite troublesome. But from now on you do not need to worry because the efficacy of Cork Fish was also a source of calories for people with Diabetes Mellitus. High-calorie levels can replace rice.

10. Be a Very Good Protein Source for Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses

Pregnant women are often recommended for eating lots of animal protein such as chicken, fish, and eggs. Of the many freshwater fish, Cork Fish has many benefits and benefits. The protein is very high and good for the growth of the mother's and fetus's womb.

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