10 Health Benefits of Catfish And Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of Catfish And Nutrition Facts. Catfish is one type of fish that is favored by the people of Indonesia, as evidenced by the many processed catfish that exist. Starting from vegetable soup catfish, curry catfish, until abon made from catfish meat.

Just like other types of fish, catfish have a tasty and tender taste. Almost all parts of catfish can be consumed. Meat and catfish head can be processed into delicious cuisine, while the bone can be a fish broth that is equally delicious. Catfish has become the favorite ingredient for the type of food that exists in Indonesia and proved liked by the community. Usually processed catfish contain complex spices, so it brings a taste that fascinating taste.

As one type of fish that much favored by the people of Indonesia, catfish, of course, has a lot of advantages that are good for us. Especially benefits for health and fulfillment of nutritional intake in the body. The following are the benefits of catfish:

1. As a Calorie Source That Makes Body Energetic Not Lack

A calorie is the amount of energy a person needs in daily, for his metabolic processes. Calories are derived from the nutrients of food consumed by humans. Like rice, for example, contains 300-calorie calories. Apart from carbohydrates and sugars, calories are also obtained from foods containing protein, such as fish. Benefits Catfish as a source of calories that will make a body to be energetic, not easily weak, and always fresh-fit.

2. As a Good Protein Source for Growth and Muscle Formation

Protein in fish can trigger growth and muscle formation. Because this protein contains the main atom of human body constitution that is an amino acid. In the medical world is known there are 2 kinds of amino acids, namely essential amino acids and non-essential. In catfish found essential acids are very rare and useful as Omega 3 and Omega 6. So no wonder if catfish be efficacious to form and grow the muscles to the maximum. The development of a functional muscle will make a person has an ideal body.

3. Containing Good Calcium To Prevent Arthritis Disease

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints. Arthritis can occur because a lot of people eat bad foods that make their joints have calcification and accumulation of LDL fatty acids. This disease is known as gout disease, commonly affects the elderly. To avoid this condition, eat lots of catfish. Because of the benefits of Catfish as a calcium supplier.

4. Unsaturated Fat Content Able to Overcome Cholesterol Disease

Cholesterol can be considered a contemporary disease because of sufferers indeed the majority of modern people. People who follow today's lifestyle especially in their daily culinary field. Many present foods that cause accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, especially fried foods, this is very dangerous because it contains saturated fat. But you are now calm just because of the benefits of Catfish as well as the elimination of saturated fat.

5. Catfish Blood Circulation

Human blood must be smooth circulation because blood has a vital function in maintaining human health. Disturbances in blood circulation can lead to many other disease reactions. Blood ducts, otherwise known as blood vessels, are essentially tunnels that are susceptible to calcification (walling) caused by fats and other hazards. To overcome this all, just eat the Catfish because it proved to have the efficacy of blood circulation.

7. catfish Prevent Heart Disease

Heart Disease is a deadly disease. Anyone who suffers from this condition should be a lifelong treatment and always in control. Even if a person undergoes heart surgery, for example, to repair a damaged heart valve, he will last a lifetime in the shadow of health control. To prevent heart disease, you can try therapy by eating catfish. Because Catfish has the benefit of helping the heart work in pumping blood.

8. catfish Prevents Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a disease that attacks the gums and teeth. This condition is caused by damage to the dental support network so that the teeth easily wobble. The cause of periodontal disease is usually due to gingivitis for example so that the gums go down. Lack of calcium and phosphorus consumption also triggers a damaged tooth support network. The impact of the fatal periodontal disease, of course, is the date of teeth, but when it is toothless, the teeth will not be able to return.

9. Make Skin So Smooth

The content of vitamin D in fish Catfish can make the skin so smooth. Moreover, vitamin D also triggers the release of serotonin hormone, which makes a person feel happy and not stressed. Feelings of pleasure and not stress can make skin smooth and shiny.

10. Overcoming Stress

Stress can happen to anyone. Did you know that by eating fish then stress can be lost? Especially catfish because these fish stimulate the central nervous system to be able to calm down and enjoy it live life.

Advantages of Fish Catfish

Catfish itself has several advantages that make this fish become one of the favorites. These benefits include:

1. Meat is soft and tasty - One of the hallmarks of catfish is the texture of the meat is delicious and tender. This makes catfish a favorite of all people, especially in Indonesia.

2. Easy to find - catfish is a type of fish that is easy to find. Almost every traditional and modern markets sell this kind of catfish. Catfish is also one type of fish that can be bred quite easily.

3. Almost all parts of catfish can be processed - Not only meat and head, bones and fish spines can also be processed. It is a catfish dish, which also involves the needles of the catfish in its manufacture. This makes almost all parts of catfish can be prepared and consumed.

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