10 Best Health benefits of ginger and honey

Amazing Health benefits of ginger and honey. Ginger honey is a drink mix of ginger mixed with honey. This drink is very easy to get in Indonesia. In addition, beverages are also commonly used as a traditional medicine by many people because it has the benefits and properties to cure various diseases.

Talk about the content of this drink is very much because the drink is a blend of honey and ginger. For the content of honey and alone there is calcium, iron, magnesium, aluminum, phosphorus and also some vitamins B, C, K, pantothenic acid and other contents. As for ginger has a high content of antioxidants. Of course with this combination will make more usefulness. So what are the benefits and efficacy of this honey and ginger, here is the information?

1. Lose weight

Efficacy of the first honey and ginger that can lose weight. The content of a combination of ginger and honey also provide properties that can suppress the lust and also will make the stomach to feel full longer. But this is very good because it will not cause ulcer disease.

2. Overcoming the cold

This herb is very good if consumed by someone who is traveling or traveling. So for those of you who are climbing mountains or places that have cold weather, drinking this herb is very good to overcome the cold and warm the body.

3. Maintain immunity

If you drink this honey ginger, it is very good if you consume this drink so you are not easy to sick or contracting the disease. With a body immune then it will keep you from various diseases that can attack the body.

4. Overcoming deworming

Worms that have existed on the body can come out when you're having a bowel movement. This herbal ginger ingredient is very good for you to drink to overcome the worms in the body, one of them is suitable for your child who wormy. What is meant by worms is a worm that has been caused by tapeworms, mines, and pinworms.

5. Heal a sore throat

Ginger has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. Those content can help you in curing sore throat quickly. In addition, the antioxidants that are in the honey is also very good for your consumption.

6. Toxins the body

Honey and ginger is a very good drink to drink because it can help you in cleansing toxins in the intestine and various amcam food you have consumed. In addition, the content of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-virus in ginger is very good for the body.

7. Prevent Flu

Flu is usually a disease that has begun with sneezing, pale face, watery eyes, nasal congestion and also limp. By drinking this honey and ginger will help you to overcome the disease. So it is advisable to drink this drink.

8. Fight free radicals

Drink honey and ginger can also you drink to fight free radicals that already exist in your body. These free radicals are usually caused by pollution or sun exposure is very dangerous. If this is in idle, it can cause cancer malignant. Therefore, to overcome this you can drink the concoction between ginger and honey.

9. Maintain concentration

This herb is also very good to drink because it can maintain the quality and maintain the concentration to be but well preserved. So for people who used to do routine work, can drink this herb to keep the concentration awake.

10. Heal stomach ache

If you regularly drink this herb in the morning before you work or before you sleep, then this herb can overcome or heal your stomach is sick. So for those of you who are experiencing stomach can drink this honey and ginger concoction to overcome it.

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