10 Best Benefits of Lemon For Health And Skin

Best Benefits of Lemon For Health And Skin. Many studies reveal the amazing benefits of lemon to detoxify the body and also to beautify your skin.

This yellow fruit is usually not only consumed alone, but also sometimes mixed into other foods, such as made sauce, salad, drink, and even dessert.

Reporting from Medical News Today, in 1747, James Lind found that lemons and oranges are effective against the disease. This is because the vitamin C content is high. Vitamin C is one type of antioxidant that works against free radicals. Besides, vitamin C also helps the formation of collagen in the body and also minimize asthma symptoms in people with asthma.

1. Moisturize your skin

The primary composition of lemon in water. Water is the main component in our body which amounts to 60% of body weight. Every system in our body can function normally if the amount of water in the body is sufficient. Water will bring toxins out of our bodies. Women should consume at least 2.2 liters of water per day, while men are at least 3 liters per day.

Adding lemon to your daily menu will help you get some water to meet your body's needs. Also, by adding lemon to drinking water, you will benefit from this lemon, which is a high vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is well known for the skin. Also, to moisturize your skin, the content of vitamin C in lemons will rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger.

2. Helps to lose weight

Lemons provide various benefits to the body. In addition to containing high vitamin C, lemon also contains 61 calories, 3 grams of protein, 6 grams of sugar, and a number of other vitamins and minerals.

One component of the lemon, the polyphenol, is known to help limit the increase in body fat. The amount of potassium present in the lemon will boost your metabolism and digestion process. In one lemon, there is a quarter of the vitamin C our body needs every day.

Based on studies published by Nutrition and Metabolism, people with sufficient vitamin C in their bodies will help the body to burn fat more efficiently while exercising.

3. Helps to smooth the digestion and detoxify the body

Lemon is an acidic fruit, just like oranges. These sour fruits contain pectin, which is a fiber that helps digestion. The content of pectin in lemon is more than citrus fruits, just like the content of citric acid in it. Citric acid also aids digestion.

Citric acid helps digest food that enters the stomach and prolongs the digestive process until the food is completely destroyed. A study revealed that 5 gr of pectin mixed with orange juice will make the satiety effect last longer. This will help you to reduce your intake of food and lose weight.

Lemon water also helps the enzyme work in your body to stimulate the liver and get rid of toxins. Because it is a mild diuretic, as long as you consume lemon water you will more often to the toilet, remove all components that are not needed your body. This will help detoxify your body.

4. Eliminate bad breath

Bad breath or halitosis affects nearly 25% of people in the world. Although not a deadly disease, bad breath is one cause of loss of one's confidence. Bad breath is usually caused by lack of oral hygiene, mouth infections, respiratory infections, or other illnesses.

Launched by Home Remedies for Life, lemon is known to combat bad breath. This is because the acidic component of the lemon helps prevent bacterial growth. A strong sour taste in lemons will help the secretion gland to secrete more saliva, thereby reducing bacterial growth in the mouth. Also, the high vitamin C content in lemons can prevent teething and gum problems, and help strengthen teeth.

There are many methods to eliminate lousy breath using lemon, which is by consuming a drink mixed with lemon, or also directly eats lemon without any additional.

5. Prevent the formation of kidney stones

In addition to good for kidney health, vitamin C contained in lemon known to dissolve kidney stones. High citric acid content in the lemon contributes to reducing the risk of kidney stones that occur due to the accumulation of calcium oxalate in the kidney.

Citric acid contained in lemon water can reduce the acidity in the urine, thus reducing the risk of kidney stones formation. Also, lemons contain a natural antiseptic that helps prevent bacterial growth in the kidneys, thereby decreasing the risk of infection.

Global Healing Center added, consumption of at least 2 to 4 ounces (equivalent to 12 to 24 teaspoons) of fresh lemon juice a day can maintain kidney health. Various experiences of kidney stone patients also stated that eating lemon juice regularly helps reduce their pain and pain.

6. Reduce the risk of stroke and cancer

Stroke and cancer are the cause of many deaths in Indonesia. There are at least 15,000 cases of stroke and cancer each year in Indonesia. Although both can be due to genetic factors, stroke and cancer can still be prevented if a person has a healthy lifestyle.

Various studies reveal that there is an inverse relationship between the consumption of lemon with the risk of stroke and cancer. This means that the higher the level of lemon consumption, the lower the risk of stroke and cancer.

A study revealed that women who consume more lemon regularly can reduce up to 19% risk of ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke is one type of stroke that occurs due to the suppression of blood flow to the brain.

Various studies also reveal that lemon extract succeeded in destroying harmful cells that can cause cancer, including colon cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer. Also, the study also revealed that lemon killing cancer cells are more effective than chemotherapy.

A study conducted in Europe proves that consumption of lemon as much as 150 grams for 4 times or more in a week, helps lower the risk of cancer. Quoted from Hope4cancer, when you consume lemon, then do not just take lemon water only, but also the grain and skin. That way, you can use lemons without having to make the same useful part.

7. Strengthen the immune system

Besides vitamin C lemon is also enriched with potassium. Vitamin C is best known for fighting against flu and potassium works for brain function and nerves and helps.

The combination of ginger, lemon, and honey tea can help a person not get the flu in winter. This is because lemons contain potent antioxidants and are also rich in vitamins, thus making lemons fight bacteria and rid the body of toxins. Besides, honey and ginger is also a natural antiseptic that can help relieve the throat.

You need fresh ginger, one tablespoon of honey and juice of 1 lemon and 4 cups of water. Combine all the ingredients and blender. You can store the elements in the refrigerator and consume one glass a day.

8. Eliminate foot odor

Although not a deadly disease, foot odor can lead to loss of one's confidence and can also cause infection.

Our body is equipped with more than 2 billion sweat glands, and 250,000 of them are on our feet. The sweating coming out of the body contains the amino acids produced by epoxy glands. Amino acids are the favorite foods of bacteria which then end up with a bad odor as a result of their digestion.

The components contained in the lemon can help fight bacteria. It is recommended for you to soak your feet with lemon water. Way, dissolve a few spoon of baking soda with 8 glasses of water. Then add half a glass of lemon juice and stir until mixed. Soak your feet in the immersion water for 15 minutes. In addition to eliminating the smell of your feet, this water bath will also make your feet feel fresh and smooth.

9. Rejuvenate the skin

Collagen production in the body will decline With age. The decrease of collagen production will cause skin wrinkles and loose. High vitamin C content in lemons will help our body to produce more collagen, which will make our skin softer and toned and also prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Vitamin C content high in lemon also causes this fruit can prevent skin damage caused free radicals so it can keep your skin look shiny. American Society for Clinical Nutrition concluded that people who take vitamin C regularly will avoid dry skin and also the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

10. Troubleshooting in the face

In addition to rejuvenate the skin, lemon is also able to overcome various problems on the face, such as acne and black spots.

Acne is the most common facial problem. Acne is formed from excess oil on the face, clogged pores, inflammation, and also caused by bacteria. Many ways to overcome this acne problem, but most of it requires a considerable cost.

Lemon can be an alternative treatment for your acne problem. This fruit contains natural astringent and antibacterial components that work peel and help release dead skin cells more quickly. Besides, this part can also prevent clogged pores.

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