10 Benefits of Eating Raw Food You Must Know

Benefits of Eating Raw Food You Must Know. Raw foods or vegetables are scientifically proven to have many benefits for human health than when cooked. For that, you should consume more raw fruits and vegetables in the daily healthy menu. Fresh vegetables have more nutrients than cooked ones. This is because the vitamin content in vegetables that are still not heated more intact.

1. Have a complete enzyme content

Raw foods, mainly from fruits and vegetables, have several enzymes in which the enzyme is quickly destroyed when heated. Many people have also found that raw foods have better enzyme content than foods that have gone through the cooking process.

2. It has a higher water content

High water content in fruits and vegetables has many health benefits because it can keep you hydrated naturally. This will be different if the fruit and vegetables are cooked then the water content will be reduced.

3. Have a better antioxidant content

Raw foods, especially from the types of fruits and vegetables, in general, have a mineral content and vitamins are still intact, both of which are very good at improving endurance. Keep in mind if some types of vitamins such as vitamin A and C are important antioxidants that can help prevent many dangerous diseases such as cancer and cataracts. Vitamins A and C are generally very quickly destroyed if heated so that cooking fruits and vegetables will reduce the benefits.

4. Reduce CO2 emissions

Uncooked and consumed vegetables and fruits have shallow levels of CO2 emissions compared to fruits and vegetables cooked first. For that make it a habit of consuming raw vegetables as your daily food because in addition to refreshing raw vegetables also have many benefits and nutrients that are well preserved.

5. Save time

The presentation of raw foods is much faster and more practical than cooked food first. In addition to saving time raw foods also have more nutrients, so you have to start switching to raw foods especially fruits and vegetables.

Consumption of raw foods basically has many health benefits, but keep in mind if you should select the types of fruits and vegetables to eat in a raw state, because some animal products may not be so well consumed in a raw state. This is because animal products are more susceptible to bacteria or parasites that can have a negative impact on health. Like meat, for example, consuming raw meat will allow eggs or worm larvae that will hatch on your digestion. This can be prevented if you cook it first because the worm larva will die through the heating process.

Caution: If you want to consume raw foods or vegetables, choose organic foods or vegetables that are free from pesticides so that the benefits are much more preserved and to avoid the harmful effects of the pesticide.

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