10 Beauty benefits of coconut oil for facial skin and hair

Beauty benefits of coconut oil for facial skin and hair you must know. Besides used for cooking, there are benefits of coconut oil for face and skin beauty that is not less much. The presence of coconut oil may now have shifted other products more practical and affordable. However, there are still a few people who continue to use this type of oil, because not only make their food more delicious, but also can be used for things other than the culinary field.

Several studies have uncovered the unexpected benefits of coconut oil. A research has proven that coconut oil intake can increase the body's resistance to disease-causing bacteria and viruses. This type of oil is even able to give effect to the hormone positive to the thyroid to control blood sugar levels. Consumption of coconut oil will also help the body's metabolism to return smoothly.

In addition, coconut oil can help women to beautify their appearance by cultivating it into:

1. Hair Mask

Hair is the crown of women and the benefits of coconut oil for face and beauty also apply to your hair. How to use it is very easy, namely by heating coconut oil using warm water and apply after you wash. Let stand for about five minutes before rinsing. Undoubtedly, your hair will be soft and fluffy.

2. Natural Lotion

Run out of skin moisturizing lotion? Do not worry as long as you have coconut oil at home. Because the texture of coconut oil is able to emit color from the skin as well as moisturize it back. You simply apply it to the skin with the addition of lavender or mint leaves, then massage slowly so that the properties pervasive perfect.

3. Lip Moisturizer

In addition to the skin, the lips should also keep your moisture. Lack of water and less than maximum protection often makes the lips become cracked and injured. If you have this, you may find it difficult to wear lipstick. Well, so that moist lips back, you can use coconut oil. Apply oil to the lips to taste and wait until it does not feel dry anymore.

4. Cuticle softener

The nail cuticle is one part of the fingers that may be rarely noticed. In fact, the benefits of coconut oil for face and beauty can you apply to this section you know. The only way is by applying coconut oil to the entire nail and wait until it is completely absorbed. If done regularly, your nails will look stronger and shine.

5. Natural Cream

Have you ever touched the skin at the bottom of the eye? Feels thin and smooth, right? Well, this is what makes the part exposed to fine lines, swelling, to black spots if you do not care well. To restore it so soft and tight, just apply coconut oil, then you massage the skin under the eyes slowly.

6. Hair Purifier

Most people who have curly hair a bit difficult to care for their hair. You one of them? If you do not find the right product, you can use coconut oil to make your curls more beautiful and radiant. Way, baluri between fingers with coconut oil, then apply to the hair that has been curled or rolled evenly.

7. Skin Gloss

The shining skin will be visible if you keep the moisture well. This is what you will get also from the benefits of coconut oil for skin beauty. Like the previous methods, you just apply oil to the surface of the skin. To give a real glow to the skin, apply oil to the forehead, chin, and cheekbones.

8. Face Makeup Remover

Makeup or facial makeup should be cleaned optimally to keep the face healthy and avoid problems like porous pores. As well as the benefits of olive oil for coconut oil face is also considered capable of cleaning the makeup face to the maximum and no side effects. You can use it by rubbing the oil slowly on the skin, press, then rinse with a towel that has been dipped in warm water.

9. Scrub 

Apparently, you can make scrubs or natural scrubs by utilizing coconut oil. Way, mix sugar or sand beach (make sure clean) with coconut oil. Then, apply on the surface of your skin while occasionally rubbed to shed dead skin cells and piles of tray. Do not rub too hard because later you are exposed to irritation.

10. Hair Shave Cream

The benefits of coconut oil for the beauty of the last facial skin is used as a hair shaving cream. To make it, you can warm a glass of coconut oil in hot water, then apply it to the thin hairs you want to shave. The texture of a thick cream of coconut oil will protect your skin from blisters or wounds, so the shaving process is not painful.

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