10 Amazing health Benefits Of Papaya leaf

Amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya leaf. Papaya is a familiar fruit in the culinary world of Indonesia. Not only fresh fruit to eat just like that or into a mixture of ice fruit drinks but the leaves stems to sap can be processed into something useful like a natural medicine for some diseases. Perhaps many think that papaya is a native of Indonesia. But that is not appropriate because papaya is an original plant that comes from the southern Mexican region and is also located in the north of South America. Papaya plants entered into Indonesia brought by foreign nations that assess the plant can grow in Indonesia because of the similarity of tropical climate. And indeed in some tropical countries, papaya becomes one of their best crops.

Papaya has a scientific name of Carica papaya L. For the people of Indonesia itself often refer to it as papaya. In Java, this plant is called rates, while in Sunda called banana. Papaya plants live in the tropics and can adapt to climate change and rainfall tend to be small, especially in the dry season.

Papaya nutrition content


Not only on the fruit, but the papaya leaf there are also a variety of useful vitamins such as vitamin A, B1 and vitamin C. These vitamins also serve to maintain endurance and prevent the body does not easily hurt

Carpain compounds

Is an active compound that has an important role to inhibit and destroy microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, worms and fungi in the body that can trigger cancer


Substances contained in the papaya leaf and actively protect the intestine when re-infection of the intestinal wall so that no worms attached to the intestine


Like other vegetables, papaya leaves also contain many anti-oxidants that can counteract free radicals as one cause of cancer or tumor. Anti oxidants are also very influential on skin health

Papain enzyme

The bitter taste of papaya leaves is caused by the presence of papain enzymes. This enzyme is very useful as an enhancer of platelets in the blood so it can help the healing process on the wound or in patients with dengue fever. In addition, this enzyme also stimulates the appetite to increase again

With the above content then no doubt if the papaya leaf indeed become one of the natural herbal obal which is widely used for the healing process of disease.

1. Treat dengue fever and malaria

Papaya leaf is always very famous as first aid when suffering from mosquito bites like dengue or malaria. Papain content can increase the number of platelets that decreased due to Dengue virus or malaria attacks. To make papaya leaf potion can be washed 5 pieces of papaya leaves and boiled with half a liter of water. Boil until boiling and until the cooking water is left only about 1 cup. Drink the cooking water while it is warm. For maximum results do this treatment 3 times a day on a regular basis

Currently, there are available papaya leaf extract in pill or liquid form provided by pharmacy so that it can be consumed 2 times a day if it is affected by DHF or Malaria

2. Helps digestion

Carpain compounds in the papaya leaf will help the digestive metabolism become smooth by eliminating the micro organisms that can disrupt the process. In addition, papaya leaves also help digestion of wheat protein gluten or celiac disease suffered by some people. Simply drink the papaya leaf stew or consume it in the form of vegetable stir.

3. Eliminate menstrual pain

For women who often subscribe to feel the pain when coming month can try papaya leaf potion to overcome it. How to boil some papaya leaves that have been washed clean with added salt and tamarind juice to taste. Drink boiled water after cold during menstruation

4. Eliminate acne

Anti-oxidants found in papaya leaves can help relieve and eliminate acne. Take papaya leaves to taste and wash thoroughly. Mash the papaya leaf and mix with a little warm water. Apply the herb on acne and wait until 30 minutes and then wash your face with clean water

5. Controlling blood pressure

Certain compounds on papaya leaves can help to control blood pressure, especially for people with high blood pressure. To make the potion can be by boiling 5 sheets of papaya leaves that have been washed clean with half a liter of water. Boiled until boiling. Once cooked mixed with brown sugar or pure honey to sweeten and drink while still warm

6. Make the meat soft

One of the functions of papain enzyme that was able to make the meat more tender so easy to cook and eat. How to wrap the meat with papaya leaves and boiled for a while, then the meat is ready to be processed

7. Appetite enhancer

Still another benefit of papain enzymes. The enzyme turns out to have stomatic properties that can stimulate appetite. To make the potion is to wash papaya leaf to taste and then mashed or blender by adding a little water and salt. Then strain to take the water only and immediately immediately drink the water. To stimulate appetite in children can by adding honey to the filter water so as not too bitter

8. As a cancer treatment

The sap present in papaya leaves has properties to help cure cancer. In addition there are anti-oxidants that can fight free radical compounds that cause cancer. Can by drinking boiled water papaya leaves or consume them in the form of vegetables

9. Cures the prostate

The content of papaya leaves can also help in prostate enlargement disease, especially benign prostate, as well as prostate-related diseases such as rectal lesions. Can be consumed in the form of papaya leaves stew or in the form of vegetables

10. Breastfeeding mothers

It is a hereditary recipe that to expedite breastfeeding in newborn mothers using papaya leaf recipe. The way to take papaya leaves about 5 pieces and put on fire, do not get burned, just to make the leaf withered. When still warm immediately paste the leaves on the breast except the nipple area.

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