10 Amazing Health benefits of bitter leaf

This bitter plant has a small flower with white and tubular color that grows from the base of the leaves, and fruit-shaped funnel with a sharp texture at the base and tip.

Bitter leaves consist of several ingredients. One such content is flavonoid, which is found in the root part of pan Nikulin, apigenin-7, polymetoksiflavon, mono-0-methyllithium, and Andrographis.

In addition, bitter also contains andrographolide which serves to protect the body, especially the liver from the use of paracetamol and galactosamine.

And on many bitter leaves containing lactone ketones, alkane, minerals, deoxyandrographoldi, andrographolide or at bitter, resin, acid grit, and some other content.

Behind the benefits of duotone, plants are very diverse, bitter leaves proved to have many benefits that are good for the health of the body. Here are some benefits of bitter leaf:

1. Overcoming Headaches

Bitter leaf proved to relieve headaches by way of drinking water steeping leaf powder bitter and routinely every day as much as 3 times.

2. Overcoming Hypertension

For those of you who have high blood pressure, then you can routinely drink sedambil leaf bitter in ½ cup water. You can mix with a little honey so it does not taste too bitter. Do it regularly every day.

3. Reduce Excessive Body Heat

When experiencing high fever, you can take advantage of leaf bitter as your natural treatment. You only have to prepare a handful of leaves and stir in half a cup of water. Then drink the boiled water.

4. Treating Typhus Disease

Typhus is a severe disease that is often experienced by most people. You can boil about 10 bitter leaves in half a liter of water. Then wait until boiling until the water only left about 1 cup. And drink while still warm.

5. Treating Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is a problem that occurs due to eating too many sweet foods. With bitter leaves, your illness can be overcome immediately. You can make a decoction of samiloto leaves and do not forget to filter the boiled water first.

6. Treat the sting of venomous animals

To solve this problem, the way is quite easy. You can chew a few leaves of distorted leaves that have been cleansed clean first. Then swallow the chewed water of bitter leaf, while the leaves or dregs you please paste on the injured giant animal wounds, such as snakes and poisonous insects.

7. Overcoming Malaria

Diseases caused by these mosquitoes can be overcome by drinking boiled water leaf bitter as much as 3 to 4 times a day. Way, boiled 1 liter of water with a handful of leafy bitter. And drink after the stew has boiled.

8. Treating Dysentery

If you are experiencing this problem, you can consume the leaves of bitter on a regular basis by evaporating a few leaves of bitter leaves, then mashed until smooth and wring. The juice can be mixed with bitter leaf powder and stir until blended. After that drink as much as 3 times a day.

9. Overcoming Pulmonary TB

This chronic disease you can heal by taking leaf powder bitter can be in the form of herbal pills, routine secret every day. So your illness will soon improve over time.

10. For Beauty Skin

To get the benefits of leaf bitter for the skin you can try by smoothing a few leaves of bitter. Then place the bitter collision in a cloth and place the cloth on the desired skin, especially the face.

So, bitter leaves have many benefits in addition to health as well as for skin beauty. Good luck.

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